Unlike a Virgin

by Silence



The duet's second album was a radical departure from the amiable electro-pop of Ma non troppo. This intense, unruly, tumultuous record - laden with distorted synthesizers, digital noise and electric guitars - is Silence's grittiest, angriest work to date.

The making of the album introduced considerable changes to Silence's usual methodology. Normally, the duet avoids venturing into the studio before wrapping up the songwriting process. In this case, however, Silence entered the studio with nothing more than sketches. The latter were then gradually moulded into fully-fledged songs. The duet was thus able to merge the songwriting and production processes and achieve a greater amount of spontaneity.

Unlike a Virgin revealed Silence's proclivity for experimentation. It also introduced one of Silence's key traits: the duet's knack for eluding straightforward categorizations.

The title of the album, an allusion to Madonna's 1984 album and single, was concocted by Benko's father, Bogdan.


released September 7, 1999

All songs written by Benko.
Double bass in tracks 5 and 13 performed by Žiga Golob.
Cello in track 10 performed by Barbara Jarc.
All guitars performed by Peter Penko.
Strings in track 7 performed by Jelena Ždrale and Eva-Julija Rečnik.
Recorded, produced and mixed by Peter Penko at Raingarden 9, Ljubljana.
Tracks 8, 9 and 13 recorded, produced and mixed by Gregor Zemljič and Miha Klemenčič at Microlab, Ljubljana.
Edited by Aleš Dvořak at Kif Kif, Ljubljana.
Mastered by Janez Križaj at Metro, Ljubljana.
Cover photo by Fred Stichnoth.
The album was realised by Carl D. Erling.



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Track Name: Son of Sin
Son of sin
Look at the mess I'm in
Take a peak at all the shit I've seen
Thanks to you
and your good advice
Next time you sell
You'd better name the price

Son of sin are you aware
that thanks to your unwanted help
I can now announce the fact
that I'm a son of sin myself
Son of sin are you aware
I am now a son of sin myself

You were my guide
The blind leading the blind
Son of sin
The worst friend a man can find
Your angry words
became my way to unwind
I loved to use them
even though they were signed
by the devil himself

I was lost
I couldn't find my way
but then you came
and led me hopelessly astray
Much obliged
Track Name: Drive
I still remember
your hands against the wheel
The burning rubber
The melting steel
The twilight veil on your face,
dreamlike and unreal
The moonlit highway
paved with stardust
The steamy windows
covered with lust
I'd do it all again
and so would you,
I trust

Let's take a ride, love
The night is still young
We could drive straight to
and make really happy
all the slanderous tongues

Take me all the way
'til we rise above
the dreary fields of hate,
the winding streets of love

'Til we rise above

Grab the steering wheel
My heart is yours to steal
Track Name: Scream, Greeneyes
Scream, Greeneyes, scream
Your smile lost love,
became a grin
Your eyes
Once pure sin
Adorable, godlike, mean
have now
turned from green
to something I've never seen
A blue black within
A nightmare
instead of a dream

Is it them?
Or is it me?
Is it what has been
or what will be?
There are ways
to stop your misery
The question is -
do you agree?
Just keep
ignoring unsuccessfully
the so-called 'parental advisory'
Just keep living secretly
and Greeneyes ...
You will see
Track Name: The 5th Elephant
I would like a spine
I'm always on my hands and knees
Gravity's the worst
hereditary disease
I'd like to see the forest
but I can't see beyond these trees
Even though I cannot name them all
I'd like to sail the seven seas

I can't find
the missing element
What's important?
What's irrelevant?

I want to have a wild youth
I've got to have something to miss
I would like a sample
of the Yeti-like global peace
Everybody's seen it
but no-one's ever caught the beast
Oh, what a sad collection
of thoughts this is
Track Name: Barbara
I reach to touch you
but your smile risks
to become untrue
The blindman's sunlight
That's you

Accidently on purpose
You let me drown
in your 'saltwater kisses'
You're whole when I'm in

I'll never get enough of you

I try to hate you
but how can you hate
something you don't own?
So I just love you ...
and mourn

I'll never get enough of you
Track Name: God Forsaken Country
Hush hush, my baby
Sleep tight
I will protect you
from harm

No need to be scared
at all
as long as you are
in my arms

God forsaken country
Track Name: Heavy Straighter
It's hard, nowadays
to recognize
an honest thought,
a good advice
You've been kissed by Judas
in the name of Christ
Now, before trusting
Thomas thinks twice
You've been there before
Therefore never more

You learn their ways
Cover your tracks
The best defence
is to attack
Either this ...
or forever watch your back

As the truthful asshole
slowly dies
a master is born
of disguise
But suddenly you realize
You're proudly bathing
in the dirt of your own lies
Just like they did
Just like they did

And from this point
there's no return
You're trapped in their world
by the bridges you've burned
See you later,
dear ex heavy straighter
Track Name: Nevermind the Bastard
Greasy fingers
Your heart bleeds
He has got
more than he needs
He receives
and he receives
and in return
he never gives

Nevermind his kind
The filthy bastard's joy
is also his decline

He will lie
and he'll deceive
as plain and simple
as you breathe
A thing that's worth
trying to achieve
is stealing something
from a thief
Track Name: 4-2
Are you ready to fly,
are you ready to kneel
To hurt and to kill,
to cure and to heal

So just spread your wings
and shut your mouth

Room service 4-2

Are you anxious to roar,
to beg me for more
The bedroom, the floor
Pressed against the door

God bless violence
God bless sin
God bless the state I'm in
Track Name: P. S.
I feel the scent of your skin,
the softness of your hair
I sense the shape of your lips
but to touch them
I don't dare
You're like a bubble
One false move
and it's no longer there

A moment of weakness
and I will never see again
all the beauty hidden behind
that sweet Russian name

Your weapon's the smile you wear
You use it with such flair
But even though I'm tempted to
I'll never touch it
I swear
It's like a secret
One wrong word
and it's no longer there
Track Name: Tschudno
All good
to those who wait
who concentrate
who contemplate

That's just great
It's just that chances
are slipping by
and it's getting late
Getting late

I love to hate
your hypothetical
higher state
Your blind faith

It's getting late
Track Name: Puta Royale (Bonus Track)
are just an excuse for something
that could be so beautiful
Just an excuse ...
but a fascinating one

I'm a little bit down
A little bit sad
A little bit lost
A bit misled
A bit confused
and slightly mad
Hanging tight
by a thread

My life was great
A sweet white lie
But then she came
and opened my eyes

You opened up my wide shut eyes

The truth about this world
This fucked up world
Reveals itself
in the shape of a girl
She's a dream
A regular pearl
Except for the devil
behind those curls

My life was great
A sweet white lie
But then she came
and opened my eyes

You opened up my wide shut eyes

Did Judas teach you how to kiss?
The truth is what you think it is

You opened up my wide shut eyes