Ma non troppo

by Silence



With their debut album, Silence paid homage to the music of their youth. This was not a conscious decision, though. As such, it resulted in a remarkably candid, guileless album. Ma non troppo is a love letter to one's idols, written with a lover's fervor ... and blindness.

The album blends the synthesizer galore and unbridled melodiousness of the 80's with beats typical of the 90's. It includes a surprising cover of Elvis Presley's slightly overlooked classic, The Girl of My Best Friend. Silence's version first appeared in Elvis de Luxe (1997), an outlandish play produced by the Grapefruit Theatre. Another prominent track is Kraljestvo mačjih oči (Cats' Eyes Kingdom), the only song on the album in the duet's mother tongue, Slovene.

Ma non troppo marked the beginning of Silence's long-lasting and remarkably prolific collaboration with producer Peter Penko.


released March 7, 1997

Tracks 9 and 10 written by Benko and Hladnik.
Track 7 written by Beverly Ross Butler and Sam Bobrick.
All remaining songs written by Benko.
Recorded, produced and mixed by Peter Penko at Raingarden 9, Ljubljana.
Guest vocal in track 1: Katja Šaponjić.
Mastered by Christoph Stickel at MSM Studios, Munich.
Edited by Aleš Dvořak at Kif Kif, Ljubljana.
The album was realised by Carl D. Erling and Sönke Held.

The rest is Silence.



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Track Name: Samuel's Gabriel
The flowers we ate
The drugs we took
Don't question, have faith
Again and again
Remember the words
The sacred vows
Refresh all your knowledge
in holy house

Because I don't drink
and I don't smoke
and I won't even miss the spring

Their programme for today
the same as for tomorrow
The aim is identical
Believer down and kneel
The boredom so unreal
Wait for them to fall
to touch
the ground

Took by surprise
The air gets thin
You try escaping
though it's a sin
Now you believe in
Freedom remains
a temptation

The multiplied image
of someone so above and high
Hanging on the wall
He's cruel and demanding
but also so forgiving
Wait for him to fall
to touch
the ground
Track Name: La troia
Dance, girl
here before me
Dance with passion,
my Salomé
The ice gets cooler
as the heat increases
You'll have to crawl
before tasting her kisses

You've got it all
Don't give it away
You've got it all
Niente rimarrà

Smooth movements
caress the dancefloor
She's a desert isle
worth being ship-wrecked for
She's welcome as a sin,
as sweet adrenalin
She's the most exciting game
even though you just cannot win

Watch her slide
beyond shame
Beyond false morale
so shallow, so vain
Where there is smoke
there's also fire
Wherever she is
there is desire
Track Name: The Rain
I'm waiting for the rain
I'm waiting in vain
How do they manage
to resist the sun?
How do they manage
to resist its heat?
I'm waiting for the rain

I'm waiting for the rain
again and again
How can I talk now -
my mouth is dry
I've got no tears left
tears to cry
I'm waiting for the rain

I'm waiting for the rain
but everything's the same
There are no clouds
There is no rain
This waiting business
is an endless game
I'm waiting for the rain

One way or another
Track Name: Neglected
makes twisted minds
They walk around
all sorts and kinds
they start to spread
Destroying hard labour
and all ahead

I know
you're feeling neglected
The world spins around
while you're standing rejected

forbidden thoughts
Can't you see -
your ego rots
You identify
with your enemy
Hoping, yearning
for your liberty
Track Name: In Your Name
There is this sudden,
subtle pain
that burns my lips
just like a flame
whenever I decide
to pronounce your name

It makes me wild
and hard to tame
It makes me forget
about shame
but I am not the one
to blame

The reason
for all this
is hidden in your name

The reason's hidden
in your name

The subtle pain
is back again
to collect the sweetest claim
whenever I decide
to pronounce your name
Track Name: I Love You
It's no secret
No hidden fact
It's common knowledge
It's something They know, too
I love you

I love your black skin
Your slanting eyes
All the things
that They despise
I love you

Estranged by envy
They won't admit it
the way I do
I love you

The latest news -
tables have turned
Too good to be true,
as far as I'm concerned
Track Name: The Player
I forgot the lines
and for a moment there
I stood paralysed
I realised
it was time to improvise
I started to fake
No-one could tell
The audience was pleased
I was as well

People believe
what they want to

After the play
A girl came up to me
and gave me
that certain look
She was an open book
An easy prey to hook
I started to act
once again
Who I am not
is who I am

But then, one night
I realised all this roles
Strange and picturesque
can't provide
a face beneath the mask

But then, one night
Track Name: Kraljestvo mačjih oči
Nekje v daljavi
za obzorjem
oddaljeno jutro spi
Noč bedi nad praznim mestom
Sence nadomeščajo ljudi
Nič ni kot se zdi
tukaj v kraljestvu mačjih oči

v varnem objemu teme
vprašanjem končno ubežiš
Vprašanjem, ki preganjajo te
od zjutraj, ko se zbudiš
Resnica manj boli
tukaj v kraljestvu mačjih oči

Medtem ko plešeš z lastno senco
ti čas skozi prste spolzi
In preden dobro se zaveš
te žarek sonca nežno zbudi
Dokler se ne zmrači
Zbogom, kraljestvo mačjih oči
Track Name: I'm a Memory
I'm a memory
Slowly vanishing
Bit by bit
The last descendant
of a dying breed

Bound to fade
and disappear
My eyes are too honest
My tongue is too sincere
Hey now
Hey now
The extinction of truth
is so near

I'm a memory
Gentle as a dove
Deadly as trust
Lethal as love

Jaz sem spomin
Track Name: #1 Hit Single
You're making a fool
out of me
but thoroughly
You're making a fool
out of me
Fuck you, MTV
CNN, and BBC

Abbreviation's change
Lies remain the same

New on Brainwash TV -
Improved reality!
No fact is safe from us
Test us -
and you will see
Nothing's the same
when we are done
It's our tradition
From journalist to son
Track Name: Shut Up (Bonus Track)
You talk
as if it was easy to
You think
everyone thinks like you
Child, you’ve got to live to tell

Think quick, act slow
That is my advice
Check your cash
Before you pay the price
Child, you’ve got to live to tell